LDS Process Diagram

SelectConnect Technologies offers a variety of methods to selectively or wholly metallize plastic components.

  • Laser Direct Structuring
  • Double Shot
  • Plating on Plastic

Laser Direct Structuring

SelectConnect Technologies uses laser structuring and electroless metallization to create metallic circuits and traces on molded thermoplastic components which can be used for a wide range of electro-mechanical applications including:


  • Antenna
  • Automotive Component
  • Medical Device
  • Military/Aerospace Component
  • RFID
  • Security Shields
  • Sensor Packaging
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Double Shot

The SelectConnect Process™s allows for the selective metallization of circuitry or antenna patterns on double shot injection molded thermoplastic components. This method utilizes an electroless plating process.

Surface Activation Technique

SelectConnect Technologies Plating on Plastic process allows you to plate hard to plate plastics like Ultem, PEEK and Nylons. This method prepares the surface of the substrate without the use of Chromic Acid or Mechanical Etching. SelectConnect Technologies is proud to be one of the only companies with the ability to offer this method in the US. Main uses are

  • Electrical grounding
  • EMI Shielding
  • RF Shielding
  • Antenna Actuation

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Laser Direct Structuring – Integrating Circuitry with Three-Dimensional Components

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) is a process to produce circuit layouts on complex three-dimensional carrier structures to effectively reduce weight and fitting-space. Designers enjoy complete 3-D capability on free-form surfaces, greater freedom for redesigns, the possibility of using surface mount technology and significant cost reductions through elimination of the number of components, reduction of wires and interconnects and the resultant decrease in assembly times. This talk describes the LDS technology, materials, design considerations, the metallization process and numerous examples of applications currently in production or development.

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